11 October 2012 I have no excuse. Nothing I could say could make up for the prolonged absence. I've not been busy. I've not been ill. I've not been killed. I just really suck at making progress nowadays. My motivation and am- bition has been at an all time low for so long. To put it bluntly, I've been content with my current situation. (I've also been playing alot of Crusader Kings 2). However I've been working on the comic for all this time. DeMach is still alive and kicking. I'll make no promises on future updates so nobody will be disappointed. For now here's ten more pages of chapter 2. Enjoy.

20 November 2010 Time to dust of the newsbox. It's been in production for a long time and I have no excuse. Either I have been losing my motivation or I'm getting more reluctant to finish each page cause I keep seeing my mistakes. Or both. How- ever I have now finished the first batch 10 pages for chapter 2 and will be getting them ready for upload asap. For anyone still reading, thanks for the support and if it's just me. I write, draw and edit my own webcomic a little eccentric behauvior is par for the course.

06 August 2009 It's the time everyone dreads. This concludes the first chapter and pretty much ends the introduction of characters. Time to move the story and I've been busy storyboarding.
Whether or not I'll have the energy to do any fillers will depend on how much my mother will need my help during the move to her new house. The thought that she will no longer be living in the house I grew up in is strange. Though mostly I'm worried that I'd drive to the old place on auto- pilot for the first few weeks. That route has been burned into my head since I got my license after all.
Well, enough musing, I hope all of you are having a good summer.

13 June 2009 Right, the updating is going smooth with several translated pages back- logged. No major holiday will mess up my workschedule for quite some time. So naturally with everything going good I was due for a set-back. Aside from Gaya(from time to time), I also took care of two pet rabbits which sadly I could not bring with me to my current appartment.
Being now close to 6 years old this was not inevitable but when I went to feed them last friday I found 'Catootje'dead. Don't worry I wont make a big deal out of this but I would like to recite a phrase from the movie (Don't know about the book) Watership down. "My heart joins thousands, because my friend doesn't run anymore". Anyway back to the comic.

19 May 2009 ~LINK ESTABLISHED~ Greetings my faithful, it's time for the sort of demi-annual news update you crave. Amazing how little happens in 5 months. I know you're probably either frustrated or dissappointed. I should know, I'm my biggest fan. I check this site everyday hoping that the lazy lowlife of an artist/author has updated at long last.
Anyway the wait is nearly over. The final page of chapter 1 is finally finished. Now I just need to get it scanned cleaned up and translated and I'll finally find out if the story I've been making makes any sense.
Still, I hereby over my sincerest apologies for the long wait abd hope you'll enjoy the comic as soon as I can upload it. See it soon, Leo out.~LINK SEVERED~

31 December 2008 Last monday was the last day of 2008 I could work on the comic. 7 pages done. I tried, I really tried to beat the last deadline of this year but it's been like swimming in peasoup all year except for a brief stretch of clear water during summer. Things should return to normal after January 12th. That might give me enough time to finish this buffer before my birthday. Anyway thanks for sticking with me and here's to hoping that 2009 will prove to be more stable and secure than this miserable year has been.

03 November 2008 Just when you think you're on the home stretch and you can see the finish line you find there is a U-turn on the track. The day started in a foggy haze, with no sign of it lifting any time soon. Today at work I received a notice that the workplace will close on wednesdays AND Thursdays... Again.

The overseers are shorthanded and no more temps will be hired as we somehow overran the bloody budget. My beloved Thursdays will not be restored until the other overseer returns to work at the end of her maternity leave, in January. I'm beyond anger about this turn of events, as they were avoidable. Expects further delays. I need to stop now before the profanities bouncing around in my skull find their way out. F@#k

09 October 2008 Silence is bliss sometimes but I think it's been quiet enough around here Even though I don't believe my random sketches to be that interesting, I guess it would fill the void for a while. I have 5 pages done.

24 July 2008 Well, that's the last of the filler material I had prepared. So, basically this is the start of the next BBB. Just in case anyone does have guest/fan-art it can be sent to demach_artist(AT)hotmail(dot)com so I can add it to the upload queue.
If you do please keep it clean enough not breach the Web-14 rating. Also I have a 1440X900 screen to watch art with but for the sake of bandwith please make your works 1024X768 or below.
Since we are entering a lull in activity I remind all you faithfull read- ers of the forum.
Feel free to join and tell me what you dislike and like about the comic. Any links in this news message are also located in the menu-bar.

23 June 2008 Given that the Tag-board is less than usefull at the moment I've made a forum to give me another access point to my readers short of direct e-mail. This is the first time I've done this so I'm being extra carefull. The forum is operational but a work in progress.
Forum link I'm still working on the lexicon update, I'm thinking of adding a few pictures to illustrate some things.

19 June 2008 Well that brings us to the filler-interlude. Hopefully I made enough to have the next set of pages ready. In the meantime I'll be working full speed on the next pages and refining a few lexicon entries to be added later.

12 May 2008 Time for a little news. Thursday's update may be a bit late cause of the lack of time I had last week to decipher the letter soup I made on the next page. Also today I'm free and don't have access to the raw pages and such. Normally this would leave a gap in updates but...
The staff shortage at my workplace has finally been filled up and this week prompts the glorious return of my beloved Thursdays. I never thought I'd be happy to work more but I am. This means I'll be able to double my efforts in the long run and crank out new pages without needing year long hiatuses.
Hope you've all had a good Mothersday and see you Thursday

16 April 2008 Alright, I'm 99,6 % sure all changes made to the site are func- tioning properly. Specific changes include:
-Added a few links on the Linkspage
-Added a button for The Web Comic List.com which now also has DeMach added to their list.
-Removed several filler pages from the archives.
-Added DeMach to the Belfy webworks comic list.
So all-in-all I believe everything is set for the next 10 weeks worth of updates. Feel free to enjoy them (or not) and let me know how you feel about the new chapter.

14 April 2008 Ready, Set, hold the phone. I'm sure I'll dissappoint someone by delaying the anticipated first chapter by a few days. But I need a little time to test some new changes to the site as well as make sure I don't accidentely erase something I wanted to keep. Also I want the comic to stick to the Thursday update schedule especially when those Thursdays may return to the production schedule somewhere in May.

08 Jan 2008 Enough of the mourning picture. I figured having a cross on the front might give rise to the idea that the comic itself died. So the new picture should suffice till I can start to update properly again. No further news at the moment.

02 Jan 2008 At approximately 17:45 local time 'Joost' a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (a dog)that my mother inherited from her sister was put down. He was suffering from a severe hart murmur that was making him tired and out of breath almost all the time. Lately he started passing out during his normal walking outing and seemed to be restless as if he was afraid to fall asleep. Even though I no longer lived in the same house as him it was still a blow. At least he can go to his original owner now, who has been waiting for him in heaven.
This will not affect my work on the comic but I'll be a little more silent as I grieve for a friend who'll no longer keep me awake when he was staying over at my place.

25 Dec 2007 Progress on the comic is slow but progress still. I've got one more day in 2007 to put some work on it and ironically that'll be the 31st. By all that is good and holy I'll finish page 8 that day and get some line work done on page 9. Anyways, to all who read this have a happy commer- sialized holiday celebration of your choice/religion. As for the seasonal image I promised, I threw it together in about 30 minutes and I couldn't find a proper eraser so it's a little smudged. Enjoy

01 Dec 2007 Even as the more joyful month of the season starts I've got an urge to kick God in the nuts. One of the overseers at the workplace that I do all my drawing, inking and writing has decided to quit immediately. This means that they no longer have the staff to keep the place open on Wednesdays and my beloved Thursdays, at least for the time being. In short my comic creation time has been cut in half, delaying an already late update even further. ~Sigh~ At this rate I'm not even sure I'll be able to update before my birthday in February. Anyway, Page 7 is done and the last 3 are action based so hopefully they wont take quite so long to finish. Enjoy the holiday season, I'll join you as soon as I've remade the schedule so it makes sense again.

12 Nov 2007 Page 6 is done. Page 7 in the line art stage. I've made a start with making a lexicon. Check out what I've got so far and feel free to give some constructive critisism.

28 Oct 2007 Page five is now done and page six is the line art stage. So basically I wont be making the 'end of October' estimate. Serves me right for being optimistic I guess. Next best guess: somewhere in November. More news as it breaks.